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For Firmware 4.07 new exploit has been released by Qwertyoruiop. This PS4 Webkit exploit is not a full hack but a simple user mode hack. As an user it give you arbitrary to read and write, meaning hackers can start digging into memory. 

More details here

PS4 Firmware 4.07 new exploit

PS4 Firmware 4.07 new exploit

Xbox One

Xbox One hack is also in no progress. The latest news is from unknownv2 developer which only works on Xbox One firmware 10.0.14393.2152. Again this not much for end users. Only for developer.

More details here


WII U has been hacked after a long time after released. The process is same as Nintendo older console WII. You have to download files into sd card and use browser to use bookmark from SD card to exploit the Homebrew channel and play games from there. Details here

Check this video for more details:


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