English Quiz for today.
English Quiz

My parents suggested ______ apply for the job.

_____ not been for his help, I couldn't have passed.

Criminal defendants can't be called to the stand by the ______.

I asked Jane about the accident, but she _____ a word.

When you are parted from your partner, you _____ to appreciate each other more.

I’m not feeling well. I’d rather _______ in tonight.

If he_____ phone, tell him to ring back later.

Nobody should think they're above _____ .

The poor are not _____ as full members of society.

Children need to have their imagination ______ .

We _____ watch Star Trek with my brother every evening when we were children.

Seldom _____ anything funnier.

Don't worry. You've got _____ on Janet. You're much more intelligent.

Joe showed me photos of his new car, _____ he bought last week.

My grandmother used to make her children _____ up their beds every morning.

Do you mind if I open the window?’ ’I’d rather you ______.

All the surviors have been ______ for.

Nagging doesn't work. You should try and cut _____ it.

I'm sure he _______ being around my ex-husband.

I got a _____ box for my birthday.

When I stopped _____ to him, he was repairing his watch. We had a good chat.

Everyone wanted to hear the president's ______ address.

You are taking this very lightly, ______ your mother is dead serious.

Can we use the conference room? - Sure, it _____ this morning.

If you _____ mind waiting, I'll call and check if Mr Owen is in.

I know I was supposed to stay serious, but I couldn't help ______ .

The guest room is quite small, but there should be enough space for you there. You only have a few ____ and pieces.

I don’t know when the term ’hipster’ was ____ , but it has become quite popular lately.

Hang ____! I'll be there with you an hour.

Our company receives hundreds of ______ emails every day.

The bathroom floor is all wet. Who ______ a shower

He must be forty or ______ .

If you ______ to see Mary, could you say hello to her for me

The judge had _____ in allowing the lawsuit to proceed.

Increasing currency ______ is making exchange rates more volatile.

______ the people I interviewed, one in ten said they had already lied to someone that day.

I’m not sure if I shut down the computer. I can’t really remember _______ it down.

The author died after a ______ illness.

The trial, in which Ms Jones was accused of conspiracy, was scheduled to end ______ week.

When you end up in prison with no friends left, only then _____ realise that all your thieving has been for nothing.

English Quiz


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